Name Country Genre Score
Samael Switzerland Black Metal (early), Electronic/Industrial Metal (later) 22
Ministry United States New Wave (early), Industrial/Electronic (mid), Industrial Rock/Metal (later) 16
The Kovenant Norway Electronic/Industrial Metal 14
Project Silence Finland Industrial Metal/Electronic 12
Pitchshifter United Kingdom Industrial Metal (early), Industrial Rock/Nu-Metal (later) 10
Fear of Domination Finland Industrial/Melodic Death Metal 5
Fear Factory United States Industrial/Death Metal (early), Groove/Industrial Metal (later) 5
Die Krupps Germany Industrial/EBM (early), Industrial Metal (later) 4
Prong United States Crossover/Thrash Metal (early, later), Groove/Industrial Metal (mid) 3
Destinity France Black Metal (early), Symphonic Black/Death Metal (mid), Thrash/Death Metal (later) 3
Sorrowful Angels Greece Gothic Metal 3