Name Country Genre Score
Dimmu Borgir Norway Symphonic Black Metal 57
Cradle of Filth United Kingdom Death Metal (early), Symphonic Black Metal (mid), Extreme Gothic Metal (later) 37
The Black Dahlia Murder United States Melodic Death Metal 33
Emperor Norway Symphonic Black Metal 25
Fallujah United States Deathcore (early), Progressive/Technical Death Metal (later) 24
Winds of Plague United States Symphonic Deathcore 15
Carach Angren Netherlands Symphonic Black Metal 15
Enfold Darkness United States Technical/Melodic Black/Death Metal 13
The Breathing Process United States Metalcore (early), Symphonic Blackened Death Metal/Deathcore (later) 12
Wolves in the Throne Room United States Black Metal, Ambient 11
Make Them Suffer Australia Symphonic Deathcore 11
Nachtmystium United States Black Metal (early), Experimental/Psychedelic Black Metal (later) 10
Dance Club Massacre United States Mathcore/Deathcore (early), Symphonic Black Metal/Deathcore (later) 9
The Funeral Pyre United States Melodic Death/Black Metal 7
Job for a Cowboy United States Deathcore/Death Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal (later) 7
Dark Sermon United States Blackened Death Metal/Deathcore 6
Addaura United States Atmospheric Black Metal 6
Bleeding Through United States Metalcore 5
Shadow of Intent United States Melodic Deathcore 5
Dawn of Ashes United States Industrial/EBM, Industrial/Melodic Black Metal 5
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