Name Country Genre Score
Deafheaven United States Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze 58
Oathbreaker Belgium Hardcore Punk (early); Post-Black Metal/Post-Hardcore (later) 36
Ludicra United States Black Metal 19
Sannhet United States Experimental Post-Metal/Rock 11
Krallice United States Avant-garde Black Metal 11
Basalte Canada Atmospheric Black Metal 11
Caïna United Kingdom Raw Black Metal (early); Post-Black Metal (later) 11
Yellow Eyes United States Black Metal 9
Life United States Atmospheric Post-Black Metal/Screamo 9
An Autumn for Crippled Children Netherlands Post-Black Metal, Shoegaze 8
A Pregnant Light United States Post-Black Metal, Post-Rock/Hardcore 8
██████ Czechia Post-Black Metal 8
Ash Borer United States Atmospheric Black Metal 8
Pale Japan Post-Black Metal 8
明日の叙景 Japan Post-Black Metal/Post-Hardcore 8
Liturgy United States Experimental Black Metal, Avant-garde Rock 7
Altar of Plagues Ireland Post-Black Metal 7
Cara Neir United States Experimental Post-Black Metal/Grindcore/Hardcore 7
Lantlôs Germany Post-Black Metal (early); Post-Metal/Rock/Shoegaze (later) 7
Wolves in the Throne Room United States Atmospheric Black Metal 7
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