Name Country Genre Score
Wolfheart Finland Melodic Death Metal 38
Before the Dawn Finland Melodic Death/Gothic Metal 24
Insomnium Finland Melodic Death Metal 12
Black Sun Aeon Finland Melodic Doom/Death Metal 11
Daylight Dies United States Melodic Doom/Death Metal 7
Enshine International Melodic Death/Doom Metal 6
RoutaSielu Finland Melodic Death Metal 6
Soliloquium Sweden Doom/Death Metal 6
Eternal Storm Spain Melodic Death Metal 5
Distant Shapes Slovakia Death/Doom Metal 5
Sons of Aeon Finland Melodic Death Metal 5
Be'lakor Australia Melodic Death Metal 4
Ghost Brigade Finland Melodic Death/Doom Metal, Depressive Rock, Post-Metal 4
In Mourning Sweden Gothic Metal (early); Progressive Melodic Death Metal (later) 4
Slumber Sweden Melodic Doom/Death Metal 4
Swallow the Sun Finland Melodic Doom/Death Metal 4
Saattue Finland Melodic Doom/Death Metal 3