Name Country Genre Score
Wormrot Singapore Grindcore 98
Phobia United States Grindcore 41
Nasum Sweden Grindcore 39
Assück United States Death Metal/Grindcore 36
P.L.F. United States Grindcore 35
Death Toll 80k Finland Grindcore/Death Metal 33
Napalm Death United Kingdom Hardcore Punk (early), Grindcore/Death Metal (later) 33
Nails United States Grindcore/Powerviolence/Hardcore 27
Cellgraft United States Grindcore 25
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation Japan Death Metal/Grindcore 23
Terrorizer United States Death Metal/Grindcore 20
Kill the Client United States Grindcore 17
Hatred Surge United States Grindcore/Powerviolence/Death Metal/Noise 17
Leng Tch'e Belgium Grindcore 16
Looking for an Answer Spain Grindcore/Death Metal 14
Excruciating Terror United States Death Metal/Grindcore 14
Rotten Sound Finland Grindcore 13
Larry David United States Grindcore 12
Dead Instrument Denmark Grindcore 12
Mumakil Switzerland Grindcore 12
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