Name Country Genre Score
Paul Chain Italy Doom Metal, Space/Psychedelic Rock/Experimental 34
Black Hole Italy Doom Metal/Progressive Rock 28
Stillborn Sweden Gothic/Doom Metal 28
Paul Chain Violet Theatre Italy Doom Metal 26
Black Oath Italy Doom Metal 24
Death SS Italy Doom/Heavy/Speed Metal (early); Industrial Metal (later) 22
Type O Negative United States Gothic/Doom Metal 18
Doomed and Disgusting Australia Blackened Doom Metal 17
Murkrat Australia Doom/Gothic Metal, Funeral Doom Metal 13
Denial of God Denmark Black Metal 12
Cultus Sanguine Italy Gothic/Black/Doom Metal 12
Diabolique Sweden Gothic/Doom Metal (early); Gothic Rock/Electronica (later) 10
The Vision Bleak Germany Gothic Metal 10
Mortuary Drape Italy Black/Death Metal 9
Deliria Italy Doom Metal 9
Tony Tears Italy Doom Metal/Progressive Rock/Experimental 8
The Wounded Kings United Kingdom Doom Metal 8
L'Impero delle Ombre Italy Doom Metal 8
Epitaph Italy Doom Metal 7
Root Czechia Epic Heavy/Black Metal 7
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