Name Country Genre Score
Children of Bodom Finland Melodic Death/Power Metal 77
Wintersun Finland Symphonic Melodic Death Metal 55
Kalmah Finland Melodic Death/Power Metal 46
Whispered Finland Melodic Death/Power Metal with Eastern Folk influences 30
Norther Finland Melodic Death Metal 27
Scar Symmetry Sweden Melodic Death/Groove Metal 24
Into Eternity Canada Progressive/Melodic Death Metal 19
Dark Tranquillity Sweden Melodic Death Metal 15
Imperanon Finland Melodic Death/Power Metal 15
Euphoreon International Melodic Death Metal 11
Catamenia Finland Melodic Black Metal (early), Melodic Death/Gothic Metal (later) 10
Mors Principium Est Finland Melodic Death Metal 10
Raintime Italy Melodic Death/Power Metal 10
Sunless Rise Russia Melodic Death Metal 10
Dreamshade Switzerland Melodic Death Metal (early), Melodic Metalcore (later) 8
Stormlord Italy Death Metal (early), Symphonic Black/Power Metal (later) 8
Starkill United States Symphonic/Melodic Death/Power Metal 8
Eternal Tears of Sorrow Finland Melodic/Symphonic Death Metal 8
Blind Stare Finland Melodic Death Metal 8
Ignotus Enthropya Hungary Melodic Death Metal 7
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