Name Country Genre Score
Scar Symmetry Sweden Melodic Death/Groove Metal 48
Mercenary Denmark Melodic Death/Power Metal 35
Arsis United States Technical Melodic Death Metal 23
Skyfire Sweden Melodic Death/Progressive/Power Metal 21
Solution .45 Sweden Melodic Groove Metal/Rock 16
Iced Earth United States Power/Thrash Metal 15
Control Denied United States Progressive Power Metal 14
Death United States Death Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal (later) 13
Unleash the Archers Canada Power/Melodic Death Metal 12
Desultor Sweden Technical Death Metal 12
Symphony X United States Progressive Power Metal 9
Divinity Canada Technical Melodic Death Metal 9
Nevermore United States Power/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Progressive Metal (later) 8
Ne Obliviscaris Australia Extreme Progressive Metal 8
Persefone Andorra Progressive/Melodic Death Metal 7
Edge of Sanity Sweden Progressive Death Metal 7
In Flames Sweden Melodic Death Metal (early), Melodic Groove Metal/Metalcore/Alternative Rock (later) 7
Disillusion Germany Melodic Death/Progressive Metal 6
Becoming the Archetype United States Progressive/Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore 5
In Mourning Sweden Gothic Metal (early), Progressive Melodic Death Metal (later) 5
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