Name Country Genre Score
Rippikoulu Finland Doom/Death Metal 38
Cenotaph Mexico Death Metal (early); Melodic Death Metal (later) 27
Infester United States Death Metal 24
Mangled Torsos Germany Death Metal 15
Disembowelment Australia Death/Doom Metal 12
Delirium Netherlands Death/Doom Metal 12
Abhorrence Finland Death Metal 8
Accidental Suicide United States Death/Doom Metal 8
Cinerator Denmark Death Metal 7
Rottrevore United States Death Metal 7
Adramelech Finland Death Metal 6
Demilich Finland Technical/Avant-garde Death Metal 6
Crimson Relic United States Doom/Death Metal 5
Prophecy of Doom United Kingdom Death Metal/Grindcore (early); Doom/Death Metal (later) 5
Gorement Sweden Death Metal 5
Decomposed United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal 4
Ceremonium United States Death/Doom Metal 3
Ritual Chamber United States Death Metal 3
Winter United States Death/Doom Metal 3
Horror of Horrors United States Death Metal 3
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