Name Country Genre Score
Marty Friedman United States Progressive Rock/Metal, Shred 47
Cacophony United States Speed/Shred/Neoclassical Metal 40
Yngwie J. Malmsteen Sweden Neoclassical Power Metal/Shred 39
Racer X United States Heavy Metal/Shred 24
Buckethead United States Various 15
Jeff Loomis United States Progressive Metal 10
Tony MacAlpine United States Shred, Neoclassical, Progressive Rock/Metal 10
Joe Stump United States Heavy Metal/Shred 9
Impellitteri United States Heavy Metal/Shred 8
Christian Muenzner Germany Progressive Metal 7
Michael Angelo Batio United States Neoclassical Metal/Rock, Shred 7
The Sean Baker Orchestra United States Progressive Metal, Shred 7
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock Germany Heavy Metal/Hard Rock 4
Guy Mann-Dude United States Power Metal/Shred 4
Concerto Chile Power Metal 4