Name Country Genre Score
Alice in Chains United States Heavy Metal/Grunge 138
Corrosion of Conformity United States Crossover/Sludge/Southern Metal 39
Melvins United States Sludge Metal, Various 36
Jerry Cantrell United States Doom/Alternative Metal/Rock, Grunge 35
Faith No More United States Avant-garde/Alternative/Heavy Metal 34
Kyuss United States Stoner Rock/Metal 30
Down United States Southern Metal 29
Quorthon Sweden Alternative/Grunge Rock/Metal 27
Life of Agony United States Crossover/Thrash/Sludge Metal (early), Alternative Metal/Rock (later) 24
Seventh Void United States Stoner Metal/Rock 24
Black Sabbath United Kingdom Heavy/Doom Metal 23
Noizegarden Korea, South Stoner/Heavy Metal/Grunge 20
Danzig United States Heavy Metal with Doom Metal/Rock influences 19
Helmet United States Heavy/Groove Metal, Alternative Rock 17
White Zombie United States Noise Rock/Heavy Metal (early), Groove Metal/Industrial Rock (later) 14
Acid Bath United States Sludge/Doom Metal 14
Red Fang United States Stoner Metal/Rock 13
Slo Burn United States Stoner Metal 12
Black Label Society United States Southern/Groove Metal 11
Iommi United Kingdom Doom/Heavy Metal 11
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