Name Country Genre Score
Cerebral Bore United Kingdom Brutal Death Metal 45
Aborted Belgium Death Metal 39
Vulvodynia South Africa Slam/Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 39
Acrania United Kingdom Brutal Deathcore 38
Katalepsy Russia Slam/Brutal Death Metal (early), Technical Brutal Death/Groove Metal (later) 32
Carnifex United States Deathcore 29
Pathology United States Brutal Death Metal 28
Whoretopsy Australia Slam/Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 27
Acranius Germany Slam/Brutal Death Metal/Hardcore (early), Brutal Deathcore (later) 26
Annotations of an Autopsy United Kingdom Deathcore 24
Age of Suffering United Kingdom Brutal Death Metal 16
Abnormity Russia Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 15
Raped by Pigs Peru Slam/Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 15
Abated Mass of Flesh United States Brutal Death Metal, Deathcore 12
Despised Icon Canada Deathcore 11
Trigger the Bloodshed United Kingdom Technical Deathcore (early), Technical Death Metal (later) 11
Architect of Dissonance Germany Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore 11
Purefilth Ukraine Deathcore/Brutal Death Metal 11
Within Destruction Slovenia Deathcore 10
Dying Fetus United States Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore 10
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