Name Country Genre Score
Kimmo Kuusniemi Band Finland Heavy Metal 17
Oz Finland Heavy Metal 10
Legend Jersey NWOBHM, Heavy Metal 10
Manilla Road United States Epic Heavy/Power Metal 9
Exciter Finland Heavy Metal/Hard Rock 8
Legend United States Epic Heavy Metal 8
Black Hole Italy Doom Metal with Progressive Rock influences 7
Fallout United States Heavy Metal/Hard Rock 7
Cirith Ungol United States Heavy/Doom Metal 7
Flower Travellin' Band Japan Psychedelic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal 6
Jesters of Destiny United States Psychedelic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock 6
Boom Shanker Group Sweden Heavy Metal/Hard Rock 5
Crom Finland Heavy Metal 5
Krypt Axeripper Finland Heavy Metal 5
Pagan Altar United Kingdom NWOBHM, Doom Metal 4