Name Country Genre Score
Dissection Sweden Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal 168
Mayhem Norway Black Metal 82
Valkyrja Sweden Black Metal 79
Necrophobic Sweden Death/Black Metal 59
Marduk Sweden Black Metal 57
Ondskapt Sweden Black Metal 41
Blaze of Perdition Poland Black Metal 37
Tribulation Sweden Progressive Death/Black Metal 33
Ascension Germany Black Metal 32
Merrimack France Black Metal 27
Glorior Belli France Black Metal (early), Stoner/Southern/Black Metal (later) 25
Lord Belial Sweden Black Metal 25
Sacramentum Sweden Melodic Black/Death Metal 24
Bathory Sweden Black/Viking Metal, Thrash Metal 23
Ravencult Greece Black Metal 23
Unanimated Sweden Melodic Death/Black Metal 22
Orcivus Sweden Black Metal 20
Behexen Finland Black Metal 17
Malign Sweden Black Metal 17
Young and in the Way United States Black Metal/Crust 17
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