Name Country Genre Score
Hooded Menace Finland Death/Doom Metal 45
Bolt Thrower United Kingdom Death Metal 38
Derk├ęta United States Death/Doom Metal 30
Asphyx Netherlands Death/Doom Metal 26
Halberd International Death/Doom Metal 25
Necros Christos Germany Black/Doom/Death Metal 21
The Chasm Mexico Death Metal 20
Solothus Finland Death/Doom Metal 18
Druid Lord United States Death/Doom Metal 18
Acid Witch United States Psychedelic Doom/Death Metal 16
Heavydeath Sweden Doom/Death Metal 15
Temple of Void United States Death/Doom Metal 13
Deathevokation United States Death Metal 10
Krypts Finland Death Metal 9
Aeternus Norway Black Metal (early), Death Metal (later) 7
The Funeral Orchestra Sweden Funeral Doom Metal 7
Doomortalis Mexico Doom/Death Metal 5
Gilgamesh Mexico Death/Doom Metal 5
Anhedonist United States Death/Doom Metal 4
Ataraxy Spain Death Metal 4
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