Name Country Genre Score
Paradise Lost United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal, Gothic Metal/Rock 33
Sentenced Finland Death Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (mid), Gothic Metal (later) 24
Moonspell Portugal Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later) 23
Crematory Germany Gothic Death Metal (early), Industrial/Gothic Metal (later) 11
Novembre Italy Progressive Gothic/Doom/Death Metal 7
Nosense Mexico Doom/Gothic Metal 7
Darkseed Germany Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic/Heavy Metal (later) 5
Dark Germany Death/Thrash Metal (early), Dark/Gothic Metal (later) 4
Lake of Tears Sweden Progressive/Doom/Gothic Metal 4
Orphaned Land Israel Doom/Death/Middle Eastern Folk Metal (early), Middle Eastern Folk/Progressive Metal (later) 4
Requiem Laus Portugal Melodic Death/Black Metal 4
Sirrah Poland Doom/Gothic Metal 4
The Blood Divine United Kingdom Gothic/Doom Metal 4
Tower Poland Gothic/Death Metal 4
Helevorn Spain Doom/Gothic Metal 3
Mordor Poland Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later) 3
Undish Poland Gothic Metal 3