Name Country Genre Score
Sanctuary United States Heavy/Power Metal (early), Groove/Progressive Metal (later) 98
Communic Norway Progressive Heavy/Power Metal 72
Warrel Dane United States Progressive/Groove Metal 63
Jeff Loomis United States Progressive Metal 53
Control Denied United States Progressive Power Metal 49
Iced Earth United States Power/Thrash Metal 40
Forbidden United States Thrash Metal 34
Biomechanical United Kingdom Progressive/Groove Metal 21
Morgana Lefay Sweden Power/Thrash/Groove Metal 19
Dark Empire United States Power Metal (early), Progressive/Power/Thrash Metal (later) 16
Testament United States Thrash Metal 15
Anacrusis United States Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later) 15
Annihilator Canada Technical Speed/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Thrash Metal (later) 14
Act of Defiance United States Thrash Metal 14
Desultor Sweden Technical Death Metal 13
Outworld United States Progressive Metal 12
Charred Walls of the Damned United States Power/Thrash Metal 11
Flotsam and Jetsam United States Power/Thrash Metal 11
One Machine International Progressive/Groove/Power/Thrash Metal 10
Pathos Sweden Progressive/Thrash Metal 10
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