Name Country Genre Score
Trouble United States Doom Metal (early), Psychedelic/Stoner Metal (later) 20
Against Nature United States Doom Metal, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock 20
Acolytes of Moros Sweden Doom Metal 19
Garden of Worm Finland Doom/Progressive Metal 19
Memory Driven United States Progressive/Doom Metal 19
Warning United Kingdom Doom Metal 17
Rush Canada Progressive Rock, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal (early) 16
Unorthodox United States Heavy Metal (early), Doom Metal (later) 13
Oversoul United States Doom/Progressive Metal 12
Under the Sun United States Progressive/Doom Metal 12
Chowder United States Progressive/Doom Metal 11
Dwell Within United States Doom Metal 11
Confessor United States Technical Doom Metal 9
Nigro Mantia Denmark Doom Metal 9
Blood Farmers United States Doom Metal 7
The Human Condition United Kingdom Doom Metal 7
Internal Void United States Doom Metal 7
Mirror of Deception Germany Doom Metal 5
Chorpuss Austria Doom/Heavy Metal, Psychedelic Rock 5
The Path Is Clear United Kingdom Progressive/Doom Metal 5
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