Name Country Genre Score
Manilla Road United States Epic Heavy/Power Metal 129
The Lord Weird Slough Feg United States Heavy Metal 101
Cirith Ungol United States Heavy/Doom Metal 81
Omen United States Power Metal 60
Eternal Champion United States Epic Heavy Metal 42
Warlord United States Heavy/Power Metal 31
Heavy Load Sweden Heavy/Power Metal 27
Illegal Bodies Canada Epic Heavy Metal 22
Legionnaire Finland Heavy Metal 21
Hounskull Canada Heavy Metal 19
Legend United States Epic Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock 17
Black Death United States Heavy Metal 17
Angel Witch United Kingdom NWOBHM, Heavy Metal 16
Wrathblade Greece Epic Heavy Metal 13
Demontage Canada Black/Heavy Metal 13
Tyrant United States Heavy Metal 10
Legendry United States Epic Heavy/Power Metal 10
Man-Witch United States Heavy Metal 10
Hammers of Misfortune United States Progressive Metal 9
Traveler Canada Heavy Metal 7
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