Name Country Genre Score
Faith No More United States Avant-garde/Alternative/Heavy Metal 13
Mr. Bungle United States Death Metal (early), Avant-garde Metal/Fusion (later) 11
Machinae Supremacy Sweden Alternative Rock/Power Metal with Electronic Influences 11
Freak Kitchen Sweden Experimental Heavy Metal 9
Devin Townsend Project Canada Progressive Metal/Rock, Ambient 8
Ocean Machine Canada Progressive Metal 8
The Devin Townsend Band Canada Progressive Metal 8
Voivod Canada Thrash Metal (1982-87), Progressive Metal (1988-) 7
Suicidal Tendencies United States Thrash Metal/Crossover 6
The Kristet Utseende Sweden Punk Rock (early), Thrash/Heavy Metal (later) 6
Punky BrĂ¼ster Canada Punk Rock with Heavy Metal influences 5
Buckethead United States Various 5
Panama Speed Germany Alternative Rock/Groove Metal 5
Infectious Grooves United States Funk Rock 4
Devin Townsend Canada Progressive Metal, Ambient 4