Name Country Genre Score
Divine Eve United States Doom/Death Metal with Grindcore influences 37
Decomposed United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal 18
Celtic Frost Switzerland Thrash/Death/Black Metal (early); Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 16
Cryptic Brood Germany Death/Doom Metal 16
Cianide United States Death/Doom Metal 13
Eternal Darkness Sweden Death/Doom Metal 8
Dream Death United States Thrash/Doom Metal 7
Sororicide Iceland Death Metal 6
Bolt Thrower United Kingdom Death Metal 4
Dreadful Relic International Black Metal 4
Symphony of Grief United States Death/Doom Metal 4
God Forsaken Finland Doom/Death Metal (early); Stoner Metal (later) 3
Mystification Poland Doom/Death Metal 3
Temple of Void United States Death/Doom Metal 3