Name Country Genre Score
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats United Kingdom Psychedelic Rock/Doom Metal 40
Melvins United States Sludge Metal, Various 34
Boris Japan Various 26
Flower Travellin' Band Japan Psychedelic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal 23
Mr. Bungle United States Death/Thrash Metal (early); Avant-garde Metal/Fusion/Experimental (later) 18
Witch United States Stoner/Doom Metal/Psychedelic Rock 17
The Sword United States Stoner/Doom/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock 16
Children United States Progressive Thrash Metal 16
Motörhead United Kingdom Speed Metal, Heavy Metal/Hard Rock 13
Kyuss United States Stoner Rock/Metal 13
Sleep United States Stoner/Doom Metal 13
Leeches of Lore United States Heavy/Speed Metal, Various 13
Mastodon United States Progressive/Sludge Metal (early); Progressive Metal/Rock (later) 12
High on Fire United States Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal 12
Black Sabbath United Kingdom Heavy/Doom Metal 11
Early Man United States Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal 10
Faith No More United States Avant-garde/Alternative Rock/Metal 9
Alice in Chains United States Heavy Metal/Grunge 9
Hammers of Misfortune United States Progressive Metal 8
Torche United States Stoner/Sludge Metal/Rock 8
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