Name Country Genre Score
Black Math Horseman United States Psychedelic Post-Metal 14
Ides of Gemini United States Doom/Post-Metal/Rock 12
Messa Italy Doom Metal, Ambient/Drone 11
Blackwater Holylight United States Stoner/Doom Metal/Psychedelic Rock 9
King Woman United States Doom/Post-Metal/Shoegaze 9
Myrkur United States Atmospheric Black Metal/Folk 9
The Third and the Mortal Norway Melodic Doom Metal (early); Darkwave/Trip Hop/Atmospheric Rock (later) 7
Trees of Eternity International Atmospheric Doom Metal 7
Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches United States Gothic/Doom Metal 7
MWWB United Kingdom Psychedelic Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal 7
(Dolch) Germany Drone/Doom/Black Metal/Ambient (early); Gothic Rock/Darkwave (later) 6
Triptykon Switzerland Gothic/Doom/Death/Black Metal 6
Sinistro Portugal Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal 6
The Answer Lies in the Black Void International Atmospheric Doom Metal 6
Indigo Raven France Doom Metal 5
Lethian Dreams France Atmospheric Doom Metal 5
Bath Canada Gothic/Doom/Sludge Metal 5
Hangman's Chair France Stoner/Doom Metal (early); Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 5