Name Country Genre Score
Sleep United States Stoner/Doom Metal 21
Elder United States Stoner/Doom Metal (early); Psychedelic Stoner Metal/Rock (later) 13
Rezn United States Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal 12
Year of the Cobra United States Psychedelic Doom Metal/Rock 9
Weedpecker Poland Psychedelic Stoner Rock/Metal 8
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard United Kingdom Psychedelic Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal 8
Domkraft Sweden Psychedelic Sludge Metal 7
Kylesa United States Progressive/Psychedelic Sludge Metal 7
Moon Coven Sweden Stoner Rock (early); Psychedelic Stoner/Doom Metal (later) 7
Neurosis United States Hardcore Punk (early); Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal (later) 7
Yob United States Stoner/Doom Metal 7
Ancestors United States Progressive Doom/Stoner Metal 6
Greyfell France Stoner/Doom Metal 6
Dopelord Poland Stoner/Doom Metal 5
Mastodon United States Progressive/Sludge Metal (early); Progressive Metal/Rock (later) 5
Monte Palomar Argentina Stoner/Doom Metal 5
Sunnata Poland Stoner/Sludge Metal 4
Toke United States Sludge/Stoner Metal 4
Boris Japan Various 3
Cosmic Void United States Stoner/Doom Metal 3
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