Name Country Genre Score
Jex Thoth United States Psychedelic Rock/Doom Metal 20
Rose Kemp United Kingdom Folk/Acoustic (early); Folk/Doom/Psychedelic Rock (mid); Drone/Doom Metal (later) 16
Gaupa Sweden Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal/Rock 12
Om United States Stoner/Drone/Doom Metal 10
Vôdûn United Kingdom Psychedelic/Stoner Metal 7
Book of Wyrms United States Psychedelic Stoner/Doom Metal 6
Brume United States Stoner/Doom Metal 6
Desert Altar United States Stoner Metal 6
Kult of the Wizard United States Drone/Doom Metal (early), Stoner/Doom Metal (later) 6
Pyre of the Earth United Kingdom Psychedelic Doom Metal 6
S:t Erik Sweden Psychedelic Stoner/Doom Metal 6
She Hunts Koalas France Psychedelic Doom Metal 5
Sleep United States Stoner/Doom Metal 5
Superlynx Norway Stoner/Psychedelic Doom Metal 5
Type O Negative United States Gothic/Doom Metal 4