Name Country Genre Score
Be'lakor Australia Melodic Death Metal 71
Insomnium Finland Melodic Death Metal 69
Dissection Sweden Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal 28
Dark Tranquillity Sweden Melodic Death Metal 28
Catamenia Finland Melodic Black Metal (early); Melodic Death/Gothic Metal (later) 25
Enslaved Norway Progressive Black/Viking Metal 24
Belzebubs Finland Melodic Blackened Death Metal 20
Wintersun Finland Symphonic Melodic Death Metal 20
Wolfheart Finland Melodic Death Metal 16
Ne Obliviscaris Australia Extreme Progressive Metal 14
Omnium Gatherum Finland Melodic Death Metal 14
In Vain Norway Progressive Death/Black Metal 14
Shade Empire Finland Symphonic Industrial Death/Black Metal 14
Windir Norway Melodic Black/Folk/Viking Metal 12
Edge of Sanity Sweden Progressive Death Metal 11
Opeth Sweden Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Rock 9
Distant Shapes Slovakia Melodic Death/Doom Metal 9
Thurisaz Belgium Atmospheric Death/Black Metal 9
Thrawsunblat Canada Melodic/Folk Black Metal, Folk 8
Garden of Shadows United States Atmospheric/Melodic Death Metal 8
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