Name Country Genre Score
Autopsy United States Death Metal 60
Obliteration Norway Death Metal 32
Divine Eve United States Doom/Death Metal with Grindcore influences 29
Morbus Chron Sweden Death Metal (early); Progressive Death Metal (later) 28
Winter United States Death/Doom Metal 25
Mortiferum United States Death/Doom Metal 23
Druid Lord United States Death/Doom Metal 22
Church of Disgust United States Death Metal 18
Anatomia Japan Death/Doom Metal 16
Casket Germany Death Metal 16
Graveyard Ghoul Germany Death Metal 16
Repuked Sweden Death Metal 16
Crimson Relic United States Doom/Death Metal 12
Ataraxy Spain Death Metal 11
Undergang Denmark Death Metal 11
Impetigo United States Death Metal/Grindcore 11
Bolt Thrower United Kingdom Death Metal 10
Funebre Finland Death Metal 10
Repulsion United States Grindcore/Death Metal 10
Mion's Hill Norway Black/Doom/Thrash Metal 8
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