Name Country Genre Score
Power from Hell Brazil Black/Thrash/Speed Metal 21
Impaled Nazarene Finland Black Metal 19
Vulcano Brazil Black/Death/Thrash Metal 19
Midnight United States Black/Speed Metal 19
Shitfucker United States Black/Death/Thrash Metal with Punk influences 18
Children of Technology Italy Speed/Thrash Metal/Punk 18
Sabbat Japan Black/Thrash Metal 17
Apokalyptic Raids Brazil Black/Death/Thrash Metal 16
The Exploited United Kingdom Punk/Hardcore, Thrash Metal/Crossover (post-1987) 15
Joel Grind United States Black/Speed Metal, Synthwave 15
Discharge United Kingdom Hardcore Punk, Heavy/Thrash Metal 14
Voor Canada Death/Thrash Metal 14
Holocausto Brazil Black/Thrash Metal (early/later), Crossover/Thrash Metal (mid), Experimental Industrial (1993) 14
Poison Germany Death/Thrash Metal 14
Warfare United Kingdom Speed Metal/NWOBHM 12
Bathory Sweden Black/Viking Metal, Thrash Metal 12
Hellhammer Switzerland Speed/Thrash/Black Metal 12
Barbatos Japan Black/Thrash Metal/Punk 12
NME United States Black/Thrash Metal (early), Thrash Metal/Crossover (later) 12
Broken Bones United Kingdom Thrash Metal/Crossover/Hardcore Punk 11
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