Name Country Genre Score
Queensr├┐che United States Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal 26
Geoff Tate United States Experimental/Soft Rock (early), Hard Rock (later) 15
Operation: Mindcrime United States Progressive Metal/Rock 15
Spinal Tap United Kingdom Hard Rock, Heavy Metal 11
Volbeat Denmark Heavy/Groove Metal/Hard Rock 7
Nitro United States Glam/Heavy Metal 6
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock Germany Heavy Metal/Hard Rock 5
Sumerlands United States Heavy Metal 5
Hellyeah United States Groove Metal 4
Kill Devil Hill United States Heavy Metal 4
Dream Theater United States Progressive Metal 3
Metal Allegiance United States Thrash/Groove Metal 3
Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper United Kingdom Heavy Metal 3
The Mob United States Heavy Metal 3
Wicked Maraya United States Groove/Heavy Metal 3