Name Country Genre Score
Emperor Norway Symphonic Black Metal 29
Dissection Sweden Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal 27
Thulcandra Germany Melodic Black/Death Metal 25
Sacramentum Sweden Melodic Black/Death Metal 15
Alghazanth Finland Symphonic Black Metal 13
Septicflesh Greece Atmospheric/Symphonic Death Metal 13
Vesania Poland Symphonic Black/Death Metal 10
Erimha Canada Melodic Black/Death Metal 7
Amon Amarth Sweden Melodic Death Metal 4
Carach Angren Netherlands Symphonic Black Metal 4
Sidious United Kingdom Symphonic Blackened Death Metal (early), Black Metal (later) 4
Cradle of Filth United Kingdom Death Metal (early); Symphonic Black Metal (mid); Extreme Gothic Metal (later) 3
Dethklok United States Melodic Death Metal 3
Eyes of Noctum United States Symphonic Black Metal 3