Name Country Genre Score
Spectral Lore Greece Atmospheric Black Metal, Ambient 82
Midnight Odyssey Australia Ambient Black Metal, Ambient 54
Darkspace Switzerland Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient 30
Mesarthim Australia Atmospheric Black Metal/Trance 19
Progenie Terrestre Pura Italy Atmospheric Black Metal/Psybient 15
Wolves in the Throne Room United States Atmospheric Black Metal 14
Astral Path Canada Atmospheric Black Metal 14
Aureole United States Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal 13
Chaos Moon United States Black/Funeral Doom Metal (early); Black Metal (later) 13
Tome of the Unreplenished Cyprus Atmospheric Black Metal/Noise/Power Electronics 10
Earth and Pillars Italy Atmospheric Black Metal 10
Acathexis International Black Metal 8
Aara Switzerland Atmospheric Black Metal 7
The Great Old Ones France Post-Black Metal 7
Krallice United States Avant-garde Black Metal 6
Void Omnia United States Black Metal 6
Celestial Annihilator Korea, South Atmospheric Black Metal 6
Crow Black Sky South Africa Melodic Black/Death Metal (early); Atmospheric Black Metal (later) 6
Ecferus United States Black Metal 5
Bezmir Ukraine Black Metal 5
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