Name Country Genre Score
Deathspell Omega France Black Metal (early), Avant-garde Black Metal (later) 93
Blut aus Nord France Atmospheric Black Metal, Avant-garde/Black/Industrial Metal/Dark Ambient 57
Ulcerate New Zealand Technical Death Metal 46
Terra Tenebrosa Sweden Avant-garde Black Metal 22
The Axis of Perdition United Kingdom Industrial Black Metal/Dark Ambient 21
Thantifaxath Canada Black Metal 20
Plebeian Grandstand France Avant-garde Black Metal/Mathcore/Powerviolence 18
De Magia Veterum Netherlands Avant-garde Black Metal 16
Artificial Brain United States Technical Death Metal 12
Mord'A'Stigmata Poland Post-Black/Avant-garde Metal 11
Omega Centauri International Atmospheric Black Metal 10
Imperial Triumphant United States Neoclassical Black Metal (early), Avant-garde/Technical Black/Death Metal (later) 8
Amnis Nihili Greece Black Metal 8
Abyssal United Kingdom Death/Black/Doom Metal 7
Ad Nauseam Italy Technical Death Metal 6
Apparatus Denmark Experimental Blackened Death Metal 6
Lychgate United Kingdom Black Metal 5
Mitochondrion Canada Death/Black Metal 5
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace Australia Grindcore/Death Metal (early), Atmospheric Death/Black Metal (later) 5
Mis├żyrming Iceland Black Metal 4
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