Name Country Genre Score
Winds of Plague United States Symphonic Deathcore 42
Shadow of Intent United States Symphonic/Melodic Deathcore 24
Carnifex United States Deathcore 18
Abigail Williams United States Symphonic Black Metal/Metalcore (early); Atmospheric Black Metal (later) 17
Whitechapel United States Deathcore 15
XisForEyes United Kingdom Symphonic Deathcore 13
Fleshgod Apocalypse Italy Symphonic/Technical Death Metal 11
As Blood Runs Black United States Melodic Deathcore 8
Bleeding Through United States Metalcore 8
Veil of Maya United States Technical Deathcore (early); Djent/Technical Metalcore (later) 7
A Night in the Abyss United Kingdom Symphonic/Technical Deathcore 6
Before the Harvest Australia Deathcore (early); Symphonic Deathcore (later) 6
The Breathing Process United States Metalcore (early); Symphonic Blackened Death Metal/Deathcore (later) 6
Fallujah United States Deathcore (early); Progressive/Technical Death Metal (later) 6
Despised Icon Canada Deathcore 5
Dark Sermon United States Blackened Death Metal/Deathcore 5
The Convalescence United States Symphonic Metalcore/Deathcore 5
Into Infernus International Symphonic Black Metal/Deathcore 4
Assemble the Chariots Finland Symphonic Black Metal/Deathcore (early); Deathcore/Djent (later) 4
Through the Eyes of the Dead United States Technical/Melodic Death Metal/Deathcore 4
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