Name Country Genre Score
Alcest France Black Metal (early), Post-Metal/Shoegaze (later) 58
Wolves in the Throne Room United States Black Metal 56
Ghost Bath United States Depressive/Post-Black Metal 53
██████ Czech Republic Post-Black Metal 39
Lantlôs Germany Post-Black Metal (early), Post-Metal/Rock/Shoegaze (later) 37
Bosse-de-Nage United States Post-Black Metal/Post-Hardcore 36
Liturgy United States Experimental Black Metal 33
Altar of Plagues Ireland Post-Black Metal 30
Oathbreaker Belgium Post-Black Metal/Post-Hardcore 25
An Autumn for Crippled Children Netherlands Post-Black Metal 24
Harakiri for the Sky Austria Post-Black Metal 22
Deafknife Russia Post-Black Metal 16
Vattnet United States Atmospheric Post-Black Metal (early), Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore (later) 14
Violet Cold Azerbaijan Various 14
Barbelith United States Post-Black Metal 13
Amesoeurs France Black Metal/Post-Punk/Depressive Rock 10
So Hideous United States Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze 10
Show Me a Dinosaur Russia Black/Post-Metal, Shoegaze 10
The Great Old Ones France Post-Black Metal 9
An Open Letter United States Post-Black Metal 8
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