Name Country Genre Score
White Wizzard United States Heavy Metal 34
3 Inches of Blood Canada Power/Heavy Metal 27
Cauldron Canada Heavy Metal 23
Enforcer Sweden Heavy/Speed Metal 16
Spellcaster United States Heavy/Speed Metal 15
Steelwing Sweden Heavy Metal 13
Iced Earth United States Power/Thrash Metal 13
Katana Sweden Heavy Metal 11
Skull Fist Canada Heavy/Speed Metal 9
Elm Street Australia Heavy Metal 8
Savage Messiah United Kingdom Thrash/Power Metal 8
Striker Canada Heavy/Power Metal 8
Voltax Mexico Heavy Metal 7
Pharaoh United States Power Metal 7
Black Tide United States Heavy/Power Metal (early), Metalcore (later) 6
Snakeyes Spain Heavy Metal 5
The Great Hanging United States Thrash/Heavy Metal 4
Blackslash Germany Heavy Metal 4
Brocas Helm United States Epic Heavy Metal 4
Early Man United States Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal 4
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