Name Country Genre Score
Draconian Sweden Gothic/Doom/Death Metal 64
When Nothing Remains Sweden Gothic/Doom/Death Metal 25
Doom:VS Sweden Funeral Doom/Death Metal 18
Saturnus Denmark Melodic Doom/Death Metal 17
Theatre of Tragedy Norway Gothic/Doom/Death Metal (early), Industrial/Electronica, Gothic Metal/Rock (later) 15
The Sins of Thy Beloved Norway Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal 13
Wine from Tears Russia Melodic Doom/Death Metal 10
Symphonian Ukraine Gothic/Doom Metal 10
Depressed Mode Finland Symphonic Death/Doom Metal 8
Lethian Dreams France Atmospheric Doom Metal 7
Swallow the Sun Finland Melodic Doom/Death Metal 7
Edenian Ukraine Gothic/Doom Metal 7
Helevorn Spain Doom/Gothic Metal 6
Amederia Russia Gothic/Doom Metal 6
Shape of Despair Finland Atmospheric/Funeral Doom Metal 5
Autumn Russia Gothic/Doom Metal 4
I Miss My Death Ukraine Doom/Death/Gothic Metal 4
Process of Guilt Portugal Doom/Death/Sludge Metal 3