Name Country Genre Score
Epica Netherlands Symphonic Metal 43
Xandria Germany Symphonic Metal 27
After Forever Netherlands Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal 25
Sirenia Norway Symphonic/Gothic Metal 13
Amberian Dawn Finland Neoclassical Power Metal, Rock 11
Níobeth Spain Symphonic Metal 8
The Lament Russia Symphonic Gothic Metal 7
Serenity Austria Symphonic/Progressive Power Metal 7
Tristania Norway Symphonic/Gothic Metal (early); Gothic Metal (later) 7
Arven Germany Symphonic Metal 7
Leaves' Eyes Germany Symphonic Metal 7
Nemesea Netherlands Symphonic Metal (early), Symphonic/Alternative Rock (later) 7
Emerald Mind Russia Symphonic Metal 5
Tragul International Symphonic/Power Metal 5
Walk in Darkness Italy Symphonic/Gothic Metal 5
Время Жатвы Russia Symphonic Metal 5
Dol Ammad Greece Progressive/Symphonic/Operatic Metal with Electronic music influences 4
Tears of Magdalena Finland Symphonic Gothic Metal 4
Crysalys Italy Symphonic Metal/Metalcore 3