Name Country Genre Score
Wolves in the Throne Room United States Black Metal, Ambient 25
Agrypnie Germany Progressive/Post-Black Metal 21
Imperium Dekadenz Germany Black Metal 20
Eïs Germany Black Metal 16
Ära Krâ Germany Post-Black Metal/Metalcore 11
Negator Germany Black Metal 10
Krallice United States Avant-garde Black Metal 8
Infestus Germany Black Metal 6
Frostgrim Germany Black Metal 6
Dark Funeral Sweden Black Metal 5
Frigoris Germany Pagan/Black Metal (early), Atmospheric/Post-Black Metal (later) 4
Todtgelichter Germany Avant-garde Black Metal 4
Vulpus Portugal Atmospheric Black/Post-Black Metal 4
Streams of Blood Germany Black Metal 3
Tardigrada Switzerland Atmospheric Black Metal 3