Name Country Genre Score
Discordance Axis United States Grindcore 49
Pig Destroyer United States Grindcore 23
Hayaino Daisuki United States Thrash Metal/Grindcore 13
No One Knows What the Dead Think United States Technical Grindcore 9
Takafumi Matsubara Japan Grindcore 8
Kill the Client United States Grindcore 7
Mortalized Japan Death Metal/Grindcore 7
Agoraphobic Nosebleed United States Grindcore; Sludge/Doom Metal 6
A Million Dead Birds Laughing Australia Technical Death Metal/Grindcore 6
Sockweb United States Death Metal/Grindcore 6
Cellgraft United States Grindcore 5
Bufihimat Russia Black/Death Metal (early), Technical Grindcore/Death Metal (later) 5
The Kill Australia Grindcore 4
Cephalic Carnage United States Technical Grindcore/Death Metal 4
Cognizant United States Grindcore/Technical Death Metal 4
Noisear United States Grindcore 4
Grannyfist Australia Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore 4
Atka Germany Grindcore/Death Metal 3
Beaten to Death Norway Progressive/Avant-garde Grindcore 3
Burnt by the Sun United States Metalcore with Grindcore influences 3
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