Name Country Genre Score
White Skull Italy Power Metal 30
Warlock Germany Heavy Metal 27
Running Wild Germany Heavy/Power/Speed Metal 23
Chastain United States Heavy/Power Metal 18
Lonewolf France Speed/Heavy Metal 18
Huntress United States Heavy Metal 17
Kobra and the Lotus Canada Heavy Metal 13
Benedictum United States Heavy Metal 13
Battle Beast Finland Heavy Metal 12
Judas Priest United Kingdom Heavy Metal 12
Ross the Boss Germany Heavy/Power Metal 10
Stormwarrior Germany Power/Speed Metal 9
Sign of the Jackal Italy Heavy Metal 9
A Sound of Thunder United States Heavy/Power Metal, Hard Rock 9
Wolf Sweden Heavy Metal 8
Wizard Germany Epic Power Metal 7
Metalucifer Japan Heavy/Speed Metal 7
Judicator United States Power Metal 6
Börn Again International Power Metal 6
Elvenstorm France Heavy Metal 6
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