Name Country Genre Score
Ava Inferi Portugal Gothic/Doom Metal 23
Estatic Fear Austria Symphonic Doom Metal 20
The Third and the Mortal Norway Melodic Doom Metal (early); Darkwave/Trip Hop/Atmospheric Rock (later) 17
Autumn Tears United States Neoclassical Darkwave 16
Virgin Black Australia Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal 13
Aesma Daeva United States Symphonic Metal/Darkwave 11
Voyage Netherlands Gothic/Doom Metal 11
Mourning Sun Chile Atmospheric Doom Metal 10
The Sins of Thy Beloved Norway Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal 10
Shroud of Bereavement United States Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal 9
Todesbonden United States Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal 9
Elegeion Australia Atmospheric Doom/Gothic/Black Metal 8
Eterne United Kingdom Gothic/Doom Metal/Darkwave 8
Promethean Misery Australia Gothic/Doom Metal 7
Trees of Eternity International Atmospheric Doom Metal 7
Skumring Norway Atmospheric/Funeral Doom Metal/Folk 6
Chalice Australia Gothic/Doom Metal 5
Sonata Nocturna Spain Symphonic Gothic Metal 5