Name Country Genre Score
House of Atreus United States Death Metal 98
Grand Belial's Key United States Black Metal 90
The Chasm Mexico Death Metal 48
Ares Kingdom United States Thrash/Death Metal 42
Deceased United States Death/Thrash/Heavy Metal 33
Intestine Baalism Japan Melodic Death Metal 32
Sacriphyx Australia Death/Thrash/Black Metal 24
Svolder Canada Black Metal 23
Crucifier United States Death/Black Metal 22
Arduous Task United States Death Metal 22
Cauldron Black Ram Australia Black/Death Metal 15
StarGazer Australia Avant-garde Black/Death Metal 14
Abominant United States Death Metal; Melodic Death Metal 14
Vehemence United States Melodic Death Metal 13
Serpent Column United States Black Metal 10
Armoured Angel Australia Speed/Thrash Metal (early), Death Metal (later) 9
Martial Barrage Canada Death Metal 9
Quadriga Germany Melodic Death/Thrash Metal 9
Morbius United States Death Metal 8
West Wall United States Death Metal 5
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