Name Country Genre Score
Opera IX Italy Gothic/Doom/Death Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (later) 23
Mandragora Scream Italy Gothic Metal 11
Astarte Greece Black Metal (early), Blackened Melodic Death Metal (later) 9
Cradle of Filth United Kingdom Death Metal (early), Symphonic Black Metal (mid), Extreme Gothic Metal (later) 8
Theatres des Vampires Italy Melodic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later) 7
Wykked Wytch United States Black/Gothic Metal 7
Lord Vampyr Italy Symphonic Black Metal (early), Industrial/Gothic Metal (later) 6
Darzamat Poland Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal 6
Dynabyte Italy Industrial Metal 5
Elvira Madigan Sweden Extreme Gothic/Black Metal 5
Sorrowseed United States Gothic/Black/Death Metal 3
The Vision Bleak Germany Gothic Metal 3