Name Country Genre Score
Manilla Road United States Epic Heavy/Power Metal 61
Cirith Ungol United States Epic Heavy Metal with Doom elements 33
Hammers of Misfortune United States Progressive Metal 30
Adramelch Italy Progressive Power/Heavy Metal 27
Etrusgrave Italy Epic Heavy Metal 25
The Lord Weird Slough Feg United States Heavy Metal 16
Legend United States Epic Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock 15
Vultures Vengeance Italy Heavy Metal 14
Gehenna Mexico Progressive Heavy/Power Metal 12
Omega United Kingdom Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock/NWOBHM 11
Fates Warning United States Progressive Heavy/Power Metal (early); Progressive Metal (later) 10
Thunder Rider Canada Epic Heavy Metal 8
Crush Greece Heavy/Power Metal 7
Holy Martyr Italy Epic Heavy Metal 7
Sortil├Ęge France Heavy Metal 7
Dark Forest United Kingdom Heavy/Power Metal 7
Cauldron Born United States Power Metal 6
Xipe Italy Heavy Metal 6
Vavel Greece Heavy Metal 5
Black Hole Italy Doom Metal/Progressive Rock 4
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