Name Country Genre Score
Dark Millennium Germany Progressive/Death/Doom Metal 26
Phlebotomized Netherlands Progressive/Avant-garde Death/Doom Metal 17
Edge of Sanity Sweden Progressive Death Metal 17
Moon of Sorrow Netherlands Atmospheric/Progressive Doom Metal 14
Sadness Switzerland Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 12
Disaffected Portugal Death/Thrash Metal (early); Progressive Death Metal (later) 10
Alastis Switzerland Black Metal (early); Extreme Gothic Metal (later) 10
Blood Stained Host Italy Melodic Death/Doom Metal 9
Long Winters' Stare United States Experimental/Ambient Doom Metal 8
Pik Germany Gothic/Death/Doom Metal 8
Renaissance Belgium Progressive Death/Doom Metal 7
Soulsearch Austria Doom Metal with Pagan/Folk influences 7
Visceral Evisceration Austria Melodic Doom/Death Metal 7
Misery Switzerland Doom/Death Metal 6
Inquisition Austria Doom/Death Metal 6
Serenade United Kingdom Experimental/Atmospheric Doom Metal 6
Rhadamantys Netherlands Experimental Death Metal 5
Misanthrope France Progressive/Melodic Death Metal 4
Nocturnus United States Technical Death Metal 4
Carbonized Sweden Progressive Death Metal 3
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