Name Country Genre Score
Empyrium Germany Symphonic Folk/Doom Metal (early), Neofolk (later) 50
Agalloch United States Atmospheric Folk/Doom Metal, Post-Rock/Metal 26
Ulver Norway Black/Folk Metal (early), Ambient/Avant-garde/Electronica (later) 23
Nocte Obducta Germany Avant-garde Black Metal 19
Angizia Austria Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Avant-garde Metal (later) 12
Drudkh Ukraine Black Metal 9
Fjoergyn Germany Epic/Avant-garde Black Metal 8
Bann Germany Neoclassical/Ambient Black Metal 8
Dämmerfarben Germany Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal, Acoustic 7
A Forest of Stars United Kingdom Psychedelic Black Metal 5
Klabautamann Germany Progressive/Folk/Black Metal 5
Obsequiae United States Medieval/Melodic Black Metal 5
Agrypnie Germany Progressive/Post-Black Metal 4
Fen United Kingdom Atmospheric Black Metal/Post-Rock 4
Abigor Austria Black Metal 4
Alcest France Black Metal (early), Post-Metal/Shoegaze (later) 3
In the Woods... Norway Black Metal (early), Avant-garde/Progressive Rock/Metal (later) 3
Vintersorg Sweden Viking/Folk Metal, Progressive Metal 3
Von Branden Germany Gothic/Black Metal with Ambient, Classical and Jazz Influences 3