Name Country Genre Score
Rotting Christ Greece Grindcore, Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (mid), Melodic Black Metal (later) 26
Opera IX Italy Gothic/Doom/Death Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (later) 19
Lloth Greece Black Metal (early), Melodic Black/Death Metal (later) 15
Cadaveria Italy Black/Gothic Metal 10
Thou Art Lord Greece Black Metal (early), Black/Death/Thrash Metal (later) 10
Demonic Christ United States Black/Death Metal (early), Black Metal (later) 8
Aherusia Greece Folk/Black Metal 6
Deviser Greece Melodic Black Metal 6
Malsain Norway Black Metal 5
Sorrowseed United States Gothic/Black/Death Metal 5
Arch Enemy Sweden Melodic Death Metal 4
Order of the Ebon Hand Greece Black Metal 4
Agatus Greece Black Metal, Heavy Metal 4
Darkest Oath Greece Black Metal 4
Sear Bliss Hungary Atmospheric Black Metal 4
Dracena Sweden Thrash/Death Metal 3