Name Country Genre Score
Unexpect Canada Avant-garde/Progressive Metal 24
To-Mera United Kingdom Progressive Metal 11
Madder Mortem Norway Atmospheric Doom Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later) 5
Arcturus Norway Atmospheric Black Metal (early), Avant-garde Progressive Metal (later) 4
Darzamat Poland Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal 4
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Sweden Industrial Death Metal 4
Ensoph Italy Gothic Avant-garde Metal 4
Atrox Norway Melodic Doom/Death Metal (early), Avant-garde/Progressive Metal (later) 3
Darkside of Innocence Portugal Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later) 3
Ephel Duath Italy Progressive Post-Black Metal (early), Avant-garde Jazz/Metal (later) 3