Name Country Genre Score
Scar Symmetry Sweden Melodic Death/Groove Metal 48
Into Eternity Canada Progressive/Melodic Death Metal 34
Solution .45 Sweden Melodic Groove Metal/Rock 23
Disarmonia Mundi Italy Progressive/Melodic Death Metal 21
MyGrain Finland Melodic Death Metal 16
The Arcane Order Denmark Melodic Death/Thrash Metal 15
Raintime Italy Melodic Death/Power Metal 13
Dark Age Germany Power/Melodic Death Metal 9
One Machine International Progressive/Groove/Power/Thrash Metal 7
Mendeed United Kingdom Nu-Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore (later) 7
Degradead Sweden Melodic Death/Thrash Metal 6
Deadlock Germany Melodic Death/Alternative/Groove Metal 4
Before the Dawn Finland Melodic Death/Gothic Metal 3
Lunarsea Italy Melodic Death Metal 3