Name Country Genre Score
Mastodon United States Progressive/Sludge Metal (early), Progressive Metal/Rock (later) 84
Baroness United States Progressive Sludge Metal, Progressive Rock 71
Black Tusk United States Sludge Metal 29
High on Fire United States Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal 23
Torche United States Stoner/Sludge Metal/Rock 17
The Ocean Germany Progressive/Atmospheric Sludge Metal/Post-Hardcore 16
Intronaut United States Progressive/Post-Metal 16
The Sword United States Stoner/Doom/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock 12
Damad United States Sludge Metal/Crust/Hardcore Punk 12
Anciients Canada Progressive Metal with Extreme Metal elements 11
Path of Might United States Progressive Sludge Metal 10
Rwake United States Sludge/Doom Metal/Experimental 9
Shroud Eater United States Sludge/Doom Metal 9
Taint United Kingdom Stoner/Sludge Metal 9
Lord Dying United States Sludge Metal 8
Dvne United Kingdom Progressive Sludge/Stoner Metal 8
Stake-Off the Witch Italy Stoner Metal/Rock 8
Zoroaster United States Sludge/Doom Metal 7
Red Fang United States Stoner Metal/Rock 7
Bison B.C. Canada Stoner/Sludge Metal 7
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